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What interferes with homeopathic treatment


Different sources list different things that could possibly affect homeopathic treatment negatively, including traveling by air and using mint.

I ask my patients to be aware of following factors that are known to negatively affect homeopathic treatment:

  1. Major dental work, including high-speed drilling, grinding and ultrasonic cleaning. You might want to postpone taking the remedy until the dental work is finished. Should dental problems arise during the course of homeopathic treatment, please inform your homeopath. Your well – being is the most important issue, and, without any doubt all the necessary dental, surgical and diagnostic procedures should be performed in the timely fashion to insure your safety and well-being.
  2. Excessive, and in some cases even moderate consumption of coffee and stimulants
  3. Street drugs, including marijuana
  4. Camphor (used as an ingredient in many cosmetics and salves, such as Tiger Balm, Blistex, Vick’s Vaporub, Noxzema, Chapstick, Karmex, See Breeze, some shaving creams, liniments and many other products which have a similar odor is a universal antidote and should be avoided.
  5. Electric Blankets. If you must use them, make sure that the electricity is off after you warmed the bed (to avoid exposure to the electromagnetic field).
  6. Certain Holistic therapies, such as acupuncture, craniosacral manipulation, polarity therapy, e.t.c. should not be used simultaneously with homeopathy.
  7. Strong odors in the mouth or the environment at the time of taking the remedy can inactivate the homeopathic medicine. That’s why we recommend taking the remedy at least 30 minutes before or 1 hour after eating, drinking (water is allowed), chewing gum, brushing your teeth, and smoking.


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