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Maxim D.    Kate B.    Marsha H.    Stacy B.   Hollis G.     James O.

    Before we met Dr. Edward Shalts, both myself and my wife were very concerned about our son’s behavior. Our son Matthew is a very lovable child with an IQ of 132, however he had numerous problems in school. He had a sloppy handwriting, couldn’t stay on task, and performed poorly in some subjects, while being the best in others. This made him disoriented at school. Other kids were making fun of him, and he stopped wanting to go to school. The teachers became concerned about Matthew’s psychiatric health and advised us to seek professional help. We couldn’t believe this at first and placed Matthew in private school with hopes that all this was due to other kids improper behavior. Matthew was gladly admitted to private school – with his scores on standardized tests this wasn’t a problem – but one month after the school year started, his teacher called us and expressed similar concern as the teachers in the old school. Matthew was wondering around the class, unable to focus and concentrate at all in during some of the class time while achieving very good results in some other subjects. 
The teacher recommended that we subject Matthew to psychological evaluation and suggested Ritalin as a possible remedy for Matthew. We were shocked. 

   At this point a friend recommended Dr. Shalts as a specialist who may be able to help. After a two hour conversation with Matthew, and an hour interview with us, Dr. Shalts chose a homeopathic remedy for Matthew. He gave Matthew four small pills that made a great difference in Matthew’s life. A month after taking the remedy Matthew was clearly becoming more and more focused in his house chores and schoolwork, while not experiencing any negative side effects. Dr. Shalts had asked us to keep him abreast of any developments in Matthew’s well-being, since homeopathy works as a complex solution on an individual basis. A few weeks after seeing Dr. Shalts for the first time Matthew got sick with a strong case of flu. We called the doctor and he suggested avoiding any antibiotics and generic flu medicines and prescribed a homeopathic remedy that helped Matthew very quickly out of his illness.

   I have also come to Dr. Shalts with a problem a few months ago. I was suffering from a depression based on a number of my business doing poorly. The stock market, where a large part of my family’s money was invested was falling and I needed help to feel energized again. Dr. Shalts gave me one tiny pill after interviewing me for two hours, and about two weeks later I felt much much better. I was energized and ready to engage life in new ways. In fact, I have taken on a number of new projects since then, while improving my nerves and well-being at the same time. 

   Dr. Shalts and his homeopathic treatments has made a great difference in the life of our 8 year old son Matthew, and in our lives as well. We have grown to see homeopathy as a fully functional alternative to conventional medicine.

Maxim D.

    I met Ed Shalts and spoke to him at length regarding my recent diagnosis of breast cancer. I had just finalized my decision to have a bilateral mastectomy with mmediate reconstruction and had scheduled the surgery for January 30. Dr. Shalts suggested a post-surgery protocol of (a remedy) upon my release from the recovery room, followed by three additional doses to be taken at six-hour intervals thereafter. 

   I followed his advice and experienced a most tolerable post-surgical period. I was able to move sufficiently to get out of bed in less than twelve hours, and was able to be discharged from the hospital on the second day after my surgery. 

   My physicians at the hospital were most impressed with my recovery, and with the facts that I needed no other pain medication and was able to move about quite well in such a short time.

   I intend to continue seeing Dr. Shalts throughout my upcoming chemotherapy regimen and have great confidence that his homeopathic recommendations will assist me significantly throughout the course of my treatment. 

Kate B

   I have experienced intense bouts of sciatica over the years which have caused continual back pain for months. When I awoke with all the initial symptoms one day I was able to see Dr. Shalts later that morning and begin homeopathic treatment. I believe strongly that by intervening quickly with the appropriate remedy, Dr. Shalts helped me avoid weeks of pain, missed time at work, restricted activities, and the emotional discomfort that accompanies ongoing physical pain. 

Marsha H

   Dear Dr. Shalts: I want to thank you very much for the wonderful and powerful healing that I received from our visit. As you know, since menarche at age 14, I have suffered extremely painful menses. Every month I would have to miss a day of school or work due to stabbing cramps, nausea, vomiting & diarrhea. I would have to curl up in bed or the bathroom crying for eight hours until the monthly nightmare ended. 

    After my visit with you two months ago, I have been nearly symptom free. I have since got my menses two times and each time, there were mild cramps and no nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. I didn’t have to fear when the day would arrive and worry about missing work. This is a true miracle. I have tried herbs, acupuncture, heating pads, midol and prescription drugs and have spent hundreds of dollars on attempted treatment to no avail. 

   I want to truly thank you for your intuitive and outstanding work with me. You have inspired me as a future practitioner of natural health care & have given me hope of taking control of my own health. I have already referred a few patients to you and look forward to hearing about the great results. Keep up the wonderful work! 

All my best, 

Stacy B.

   Our son Jared is now 14 months old. He took a homeopathic remedy for the first time when he was 10 months old. When Jared would get sick , which was quite often, it would settle in his lungs. He would get asthmatic symptoms. We had taken him to the emergency room twice. He needed many rounds of albuterol on both occasions. 

   When we met Dr. Shalts for the first time he took the time to explain his practice and got to know my son in depth. He prescribed a remedy that was right on the money. When Jared gets sick now it does not progress to his lungs as it had done in the past. We have not made any hospital visits since he has been treated homeopathically. Dr. Shalts is also very good about talking over the phone. He makes you feel comfortable about asking questions. 

   My husband and I are very grateful for the positive results we have seen in our son. Homeopathy has proven itself to be a very effective treatment with long lasting results. 

Hollis G.

   Dear Dr. Shalts 

   I want to take this time to thank you for your amazing work and knowledge of Homeopathy. The treatment you had given me has helped in more ways than I imagined. 

   As a child I was unable to join any athletic teams as a result of my asthma. I was always considered the sick child in the family. I hardly played games at school and was banned from joining any physical activities. Growing up I felt as thou I was always on the outside looking in. That was then, this is now. 

   Presently I’m in a softball team playing right fielder and I also volunteer at children summer day camps. These two summer activities were possible with the help of your treatments. I will continue these wonderful lifesaving treatments and will recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their current condition. 


James O.


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